DJ Escrow Universal Soulja Vol.1

[Self-Released; 2017]

Rating: 4/5

Styles: spinners, hotep-horcrux, anti-gospel, #SUMMERmixtape
Others: #gold, Free Willy, Prurient, Asceticists 2006, my wheelchair mans selling AA batteries off a tray on 125th

Scratching at your face, yah. Just scratches, tho. Kill people moving up. Outside > SHOOOOOFFFFFFF:

CVS, Rite Aid, or Duane Reade is your pharmacy. This is where you pick up the physical of DJ Escrow’s Universal Soulja Vol.1. In liquid or gas. Off the shelf. And you’re elevated.

The antithesis of a crooked smile. Especially when they co-blind. Trust me.

Duster will fuck you iinto oblivion, yess. Duster is “I’ma look like an asshole.” Blazer. A GQ advert in fucking NAM. All the neighborhoods are here. A sitting image of deterioration. Taking a piss shitting on the floor. Delsym drink it all. Drink it all and a fourLOKO #gold

Eternity from a cellular spray experience. Guilt on a level that forgoes forever. Always screaming as loud as you can without turning a head, but you’re that face. A prefect iron job. Safety-green jumpsuit and woodland-camouflage equipment. We’re here — please don’t start a fire.

But fire is completely necessary. Obliteration of body through sound; absorption a-predator alpha: lifted-up. OMGGG, if you thought there was something happening here, like: “Ever dream of,” which is even worse. Find a new plug.

* lakLAKlakLAK *

This isn’t a length thing. It’s a lifestyle. Be there. If you can’t subscribe, ownership. This is true grit in the studio. All learn. There’s nothing but learn, but quit seeing what I’m seeing, quit.

Ohhhhhhh, life. It’s, you know. “Live and direct.” Chop-cheese off the corner on a Tuesday — because fucking Tuesday AM — if you expecting me to do all this shit, and yeah words, but interacting with all these people at once is overwhelming although, alone?

I wannnnnna focus here, but ima lose my toenail and purple things look bleak, ya. Or if it’s real. #rightABOUTnow #liftedup

Thus, a series of texts and gchats between me and another ,alphabetical order,,,, and probably me offf that yak. Can u imagine rite ‘bout now 070908177998

Switching. An hour late of 4:20. No more *shrug emoji* I was a hood rat in high school. The same thing as David Lynch dropping the a-bomb, too; get-it how-you get-it, y’understand?


I left a hole in you, and I want to know how it feels…


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