Split [preview]

Holy shit. In case you missed this: DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE and OHBLIV are trashing out a VERSUS jam session, making this Alex Gray’s billionth “VERSUS” this year. And trillionth release. Mmm, this is also a double cassette. At least, I think. I think it is, right? Below the YouTube video says something like x2 cassette. Also listed: ZONA T A P E S… they got a Facebook. Okay. And a Bandcamp. I’m believing in this. This is my faith-based belief system via the internet. Digituality on the least sacrificial and most ritualistic. Smother in the fog. Put it on me, put it all on me… Put that internet-mystery-built-around-monikers-and-NASTY-music-name-dropping-hi-my-name-is-Clifford-this-double-tape-will-be-awesome-OMG-mad-talent-lawlzz!!! Will this taste the light of day? Follow Zona Tapes closely or the DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE tumblr. Fizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

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