And it’s only at night you become entirely restless because of the punishing thick heat. Chances are you dreaming of that being again. Standing there with an aura of hallucination encapsulating a pulsed mirage around legs and arms, shoulders, neck and head. Trying to understand what you’re looking at and why. Giving yourself reason to squirm and stain your sheets a hit of sweat yellow. Waterbed motions. Wakes of wonder. A perspiration immersed in shakes and shamans. Quills of natural mystery poke at your dream function. D/P/I infiltrates your psyche. “FRUSTRATION” has more than set in and is trickling into a mind’s eye that has yet blinked/opened.

You still reading/watching? Alex Gray as D/P/I birthed a new CD entitled Fresh Roses on his label Deep Tapes yesterday, the follow-up to Espresso Digital. Where the fuck were you? GRIP ASAP for MAX sleep-loss delite! Worth the trip.

• D/P/I: http://chanceimag.es

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