♫♪  D/P/I - “OCR”

I’m tryna figure out if these images in the new “OCR” video complement the mood OR the art of what Alex Gray brings in his D/P/I project. The aesthetic of “on the fly” with these images is definitely on par with his sound structuring. And for the most part, I’ve always considered D/P/I (and most of Gray’s music) to be location-less. As if it comes from nowhere, but pure entity. Though, this aesthetic of “Chance Images” is ULTRA fun! MOST of these pictures here in “OCR” are not very a-typical to certain destinations, and not having direction in D/P/I is like… well, what it’s all about, right?

Imagine if the fellah (Gray) GAVE you directions somewhere in Calif. No DOUBT they’d be solid — hold the bum-steer — but he’d probably give you all landmark directions: “Hit the corner down the street where the taco vendor at, grip some food for three-bucks, then head left on that corner until you hit a BP with this dope graffiti you NEED to witness. Go right from there on the main boulevard and scope the skyline. Come BACK the way you came, pass the BP, and if you go far enough it’ll start to look like the country, and there’s this dope fountain that….” LOL <3

ANYHOW, fools!!! D/P/I is releasing a total tease on Leaving Records next Tuesday called RICO EP, which is VERY MUCH worth the listen, but definitely leaves you wanting more. More to come, though? MAYBE! Keep on your location-less game, continue checking back in, but in the mean-time, ride every D/P/I wave you can to remain!

• D/P/I: http://chanceimag.es
• Leaving Records: http://leavingrecords.com

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