♫♪  D/P/I - “SWIN.G”

It’s interesting to experience sounds from Alex Gray’s D/P/I project. Like, it’s such a blend of background casual, humor in the moment, and “life-and-times of…” that submission to “SWIN.G” is practically an involuntary reaction. As if it’s all merely cast within his own world of “social networking.” Everything that happens in D/P/I is a part of the fellah’s life. The listener witnesses everything he witnesses. And this video for “SWIN.G” blends his reality to the cracks within: chance images flutter off the screen, waves of heat swelter the slow motion creeps, and deep gaze times angle out a variety of furniture.

In the future world, as Earth continues to grow, one day we’ll have a D/P/I application on our out-and-about persons. It’ll even capture memories of dreams being covered in money — almost smothered in it — reaching always further up, grabbing at air, but then more paper. Set the world ablaze with every bit of your daily aesthetic. Pave a direction to Jupiter and stick around the wild. Discover something that has always been real, yet never tangible enough to reach out. Though, if you want to grip, pop, and play a release like 08.DD.15 by D/P/I look no further. It’s been at Leaving Records since last Tuesday, and only in addition of 200. As well, 08.DD.15 went global today via Boomkat! ALSO, Jeanette (TMT Review) is poppin’ off cassette style via Bootleg Tapes super soon.

• D/P/I: http://chanceimag.es
• Leaving Records: http://leavingrecords.com

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