♫♪  ESPRIT 空想 - “Flounder 202”

Huge fingers type type. Fertilized in a cubicle, then poisoned by someone slightly senior. No one’s actually working, they’re just playing Solitaire. Sometimes, I spy on people’s screens at work. See them shopping, scrolling. Amazon. lululemon. Riding the elevator down at the end of the day can feel like moving through levels of hell. When I say goodbye to the security guard I’m enveloped in flames. When my feet touch the concrete, I too hop atop the wings of a huge bird who will take me far, far away.

ESPRIT 空想’s interpretation of this is all a bit next level and transcendental, and freaky, because it is freaky, joyously manic, rendered into the visual by Mattematrix and Dennis Vera. There’s so much happening on this infinite plane that my heart can’t help but hang onto the melody, even as costumed baby elephant men dance on a careening Seussian contraption, and a cowboy magician barista explodes forth a bottled drink from a glowing orb. The drink’s actually a power up to a fractal plane where we end this trip in beautiful purple suspension.

“Flounder 202” can be found on ESPRIT 空想’s forthcoming LP 200% Electronica, available for preorder here via ESPRIT 空想 and Negative Gemini’s own 100% Electronica imprint.

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