♫♪  ESPRIT 空想 - “You’re In Love” (Music Video)

Moonlight from the ceiling cracks of the factory shines into the hopeless room where our heroine stands, waiting to wake her sweet prince, and savior. She’s surrounded by friends and enemies alike, all bonded by vapor and love. At the chime of midnight, she leans in and kisses the prince. Finally, after all this time, they are reunited.

Dr. Eggman sniffles in the background.

After years of slumber, only be awoken by true love’s kiss, Sonic opened his eyes, ready to run and ready to love.

Gotta go fast.

To get the rest of the story, check out ESPRIT 空想’s video for the single, “You’re in love,” off of the record, 200% Electronica, which can be streamed and purchased on vinyl and cassette here.

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