Featureless Ghost

Out now on Night People is the fresh new Featureless Ghost’s album, Personality Matrix, here poppin’ off they’s video for “Flash” (directed by Fantastic Lands). And vibes is rattling in the most snot-dead form of dance-floor gaze. Not only is the entire LP as catchy as this song, but it also feels like that steamy drive home from the city-sway club in negative-colored anticipation of sleep or sex. Maybe the track is contemplating how long these moments happen, but when the situation occurs (whether it’s sex, sleep, or making it home or even to the car), it’s just as fast as recalling it as a memory. Personally, the “Flash” is referring to itself as a track that demands to be put on repeat since it’s only 2:48 in length. Yet, it is poised and self-sustaining, constructed around subtle snare and hi-hat drumming dissonant from that deep, heart-pounding beat. Harkening vocals that demand attention through catchy anti-harmonized grace and mope brawn. Them pensive scale-changing-key melodies. Mmm. Scope out Featureless Ghost’s Personality Matrix on Night People ASAP. There’s a sale involved too, so hurry before they gone!

• Featureless Ghost: http://www.featurelessghost.com
• Night People: http://raccoo-oo-oon.org/np

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