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It feels as if we’re tearing asunder the crust beneath our feet. The tumult of our modern society is drilling through the mantle toward the core at a rapid pace. And yet, from this fracking of our community, the fissures are beginning to show us the glowing light and warmth of what truly keeps us moving: shared bonds. Try as we might to sever them, we keep returning and renewing them with reckless abandon.

Whether this is at the heart of “a precious light” the first offering from Gemini Sisters is not up for debate. John Kolodij (High aura’d) and Matt Christensen (Zelienople) bonded over a shared birthday between their daughters. Of course, fans of both gentlemen are likely not surprised by a similar sonic quality either. As far as a brief peek at what their collaboration has to offer, “a precious light” offers the same sort of hope for a better humanity that we’re all seemingly working toward. All it takes is a small bond—an olive branch of what we have in common—to drive us toward something better. It doesn’t hurt that Garek Druss’ accompanying video is vividly colored, lending a bit of life to a figurative and literal dreary season.

If you crave more of this, good news! Gemini Sisters’ self-titled will be released March 30 via Pyschic Trouble. Again, what a fitting label for this psychically uplifting track and album, to ease our troubles if but for an album’s runtime.

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