♫♪  GFOTY - “Bobby”

My girl and I were waiting for the new Godzilla to start last night, and prior to the coming attractions, there’s some shitty filler that shows you actors on set, new music videos, and trivia about products to buy. As soon as the announcer in this programming said, “Coming up next is a fresh world-music artist and his newest music video: stay tuned!” I was thinking, Ooo — they’re really going to show “Bobby” by Girlfriend Of The Year (GFOTY)? NICE!” Turns out it was some auto-tuned-out dude walking around African tribes as he sports a fedora, and the song seriously sounded like the car commercial that had played a few minutes before it. DEF not “world music.” But, as “Bobby” stems from this sort of defeatist sensibility everyone seems to harbor these days, I didn’t leave the theater. I saw Godzilla and then realized that “Bobby” actually came out last year. However, I had to fulfill a WATCH post, and this video came out last month, so I’m hitting it up for coverage. Nobody reads my words anyhow! LOL

IF you were to read something, READ THIS: snag the two-month-old GFOTY Secret Mix HERE!!!!!!! Probably the best thing to fill your brain for nine minutes back-to-back/repeat style this year. It came out two months ago, so it was too old for Grinder, but the “Bobby” video popped off in a big way, and the cinematic is JUST SHORT of breathtaking. Also, below is the “Bobby” mega SoundCloud release so you can catch up MAJORLY with all her versions of the man… -er SONG*** …song. I love you!

• GFOTY: http://bobby.pcmusic.info
• GFOTY: https://soundcloud.com/gfoty
• PC Music: http://pcmusic.info

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