♫♪  Gods Wisdom & DJ Lucas - “Gods Lucas”

The more I listen the more I don’t know what to make of Gods Lucas, the new collab album featuring Gods Wisdom and DJ Lucas. Equal parts off beat hip hop and an everything but the kitchen sink mentality, Gods Lucas is a truly bizarre piece of the American pop culture puzzle. While I still don’t know what to make of it all, I can’t help but think about the oftentimes catchy, funny, and straight up weirdo jams they’re dropping on this album, with the above clip for “Gods Lucas” being a stellar example: a couple of kids wandering around, wasting time, and freaking out in the woods. It’s no surprise they’ve found a comfortable home at Thunderzone, since Juiceboxxx is the ideal mentor/father figure to these strange, strange dudes. Watch “Gods Lucas” late at night, with the lights out, and head to the Thunderzone shop to grip that tape.

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