♫♪  Gods Wisdom & Lucy - “Beep Beep”

Gods Wisdom’s low, rumbling whisper (“beep beep….”) has been stuck in my head for like, a week now. No signs of stopping. There’s something comical about the almost-a-jingle chorus of “Beep Beep,” but it’s genuinely satisfying on a level that I can’t readily explain. From the little saxophone lick to Lucy’s ethereal vocals, the track is as mystifying as it is catchy.

Lumping the musical output of the Dark World crew under any specific genre(s) betrays the peculiarity of their art, and to be honest, I’m kind of at a loss for words anyway. I just know I really like this shit. Check out the recent Dark World feature via The FADER, and stream the video for Gods Wisdom & Lucy’s “Beep Beep” below.

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