Guardian Alien
“See The World Given To A One Love Entity - Part 1”

Meanwhile, the passenger:

“Yo, Greg. This UFO book is the nasty right now. Like, I ain’t never been too into reading in the truck like this and on the job, but… Greg, your eyes… GREG? You didn’t just take all that… well, just keep it toge- yo; if we take the park, it’ll be more traffic, and we ain’t got that luxury. What’s happening? Greg, where you going dude? Get back in the truc- a gong? Shit, dude, don’t eat them berries and leaves, please. That ain’t workers’ comp-style shit, eff-why-eye. Look, it’s Landon. What up, boi? Can’t chat, dude, but we should follow up some point soon. We’ll call it part 2, maybe. Greg, where’d you get them sticky metal skin things? Did you find those? Who are you waving to? Stop trying to pass off that cardboard square; nobody is there and, no, I don’t want it. Look, ima finish this delivery right quick and cover your ass as you ‘See The World Given To A One Love Entity,’ and I’ll be back for Part 2. Really dig the energy, as always.”

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