♫♪  HOTT MT - “Tranceforming”

Last time I viewed a mysterious tape in my combination TV/VHS Panasonic Omnivision, I ended up in a fucking dollhouse too. What is it with swirling psychedelic imagery that does that to me? Ashi Dala shares my affliction, finding herself magically transported by the visual cues and spending the entirety of “Tranceforming” wandering from room to room, interacting with the toy décor. More a Lewis Carroll experience than a Steve Martin one, Dala’s predicament doesn’t seem to phase her. Could it be the close proximity to Wayne Coyne that one time that allows her to simply revel in her surroundings without questioning them? He’s basically a walking cloud of psilocybin after all at this point, and he probably dusted the Hour of the Time Majesty Twelve crew in passing. Still, HOTT MT doesn’t really need Captain Coyne’s help — their shimmery dream pop is practically a formal invitation to their audience to get small along with them. And so we do, and we follow Dala around until we’re back at the TV/VHS Panasonic Omnivision, which OF COURSE projects her blue-skinned doppelgänger singing the song back to her that she was probably already singing in her head but is now singing out loud. Circle of life? Circle of “now you’re trapped in this video in this dollhouse forever,” maybe! Yeah, circle of that.

“Tranceforming” appears on HOTT MT’s AU (Alternate Universe), which, sadly, is sold out from Doom Trip. But! — HOTT MT’s got a second run going, so get one of those. It’ll help you get small in a Steve Martin way (not a Lewis Carrol one).

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