♫♪  Hubble - “Hubble’s Hubble”

Check it, this is my plea for everyone out there to listen to Hubble Linger. Especially Tiny Mix Tapes writers (since our favorite 25 of 2011 lists are due soon!). Hubble is Ben Greenberg of ZS. And if y’all know two shits about us TMTers: we love NNA Tapes, and we love ZS. It’s also totes appropriate to write ‘bout Hubble Linger months after its release. Hubble Linger is the very definition of audio hallucination. Focus in on Hubble Linger; meditate. What Greenberg considers “cyber-dread,” you may hear as white noise. Yeah, and you’ll lose focus on the track, because you should pay attention to driving, but your hearing will notice random notes. Through mild focus, you create a personalized pattern of melody alluding to other songs. Thus, Hubble Linger is the audible and instant representation of the infinite monkey theorem. As if Hubble Linger were a part of our universe already, only Earth is receiving it all now.

Also, if you don’t hear “Hubble’s Hubble” in Hubble Linger, it’s because it’s on his newest album Hubble Drums (out on Northern-Spy, who we also love) full-stream ahead via Vice. Check out the video above, which was created by Tiffany Borders of NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team.

• Hubble: http://missionhubble.blogspot.com
• Northern-Spy: http://northern-spy.com
• NNA Tapes: http://nnatapes.com

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