♫♪  Iglooghost - “Clear Tamei”

The yin and yang of Mamu—a mystical dimension that exists in some plane that has no time connection to ours—haven’t always been all peanut drops and lemon springs.

Scattered across Neo Wax Bloom there is a kind of harmony that is loosely bound by elements of chaos. Three thousand years before The Great Eyes appeared to watch over the gummy hills and sugar lakes existed a time when a sneeze could blow Mamu to smithereens.


Enter Mogu: A tiny witch that can move at inconceivable speeds and holds all the frenetic energy of the Mamu dimension. He bounces from planet to planet like a pinball creating new cosmic structures from the destruction accidentally left behind. This continues for eons. Nothing lasts for more than a nano day before Mogu blasts through it. How will other life come to exist?

Enter Tamei: A young god-in-training with a destiny that no Ooblonga Shaman could ever predict. To complete his training he must achieve perfect harmony. Unfortunately, Tamei can hardly see what lurks beyond the light. He’s moved to the edge and starred off into the abyss but he would not allow it to gaze back. How will he complete his training and fulfill the destiny bestowed upon him by the ancient Ilsuns?

Enter Iglooghost, the weaver, for he shall tell the tale of Mogu and Tamei!

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