Iglooghost returns to haunt your dreams with two new EPs on Brainfeeder

Iglooghost returns to haunt your dreams with two new EPs on Brainfeeder
Photo: Daisy Emily Warne

British Brainfeeder alumni Iglooghost makes narrative music — albeit mostly instrumental (or at least not discernibly in English), as you might recall from his debut album Neō Wax Bloom in which Xjangliao, a gelatinous worm shaped creature (that first emerged in the EP Chinese Nü Year was travelling through time when he was caught in the crossfire of two giant eyeballs colliding with the planet Mamu.

And come August 8, Iglooghost will unveil two new chapters in his ever evolving sonic choose your own adventure story. The pair of EPs Clear Tamei and Steel Mogu comprise a prequel to the devastation that unfolded in Neō Wax Bloom and feature a see-through God in training called Tamei and his friends who find themselves wound up in a hyperspeed, cross-temporal battle with a fleet of mysterious, round beings…all told through Iglooghost’s hyper-manic fusion of footwork, two-step, bass, and plain old bonkers.

Weird on paper? Maybe. Sounds good in headphones? YOU be the judge while you listen to “Niteracer” down below (but we vote yes).

You can also pre-order Clear Tamei here and Steel Mogu here — and check out Iglooghost live at various real places in the current time/space continuum.

Clear Tamei tracklist:

01. Påleo Mamu
02. New Vectors
03. Clear Tamei
04. Namā
05. Shrine Hacker (feat. Babii)

Steel Mogu tracklist:

01. First Vōids
02. Steel Mogu
03. Black Light Ultra
04. Mei Mode
05. Niteracer

Iglooghost dates:

07.14.18 - New York, NY - MoMA PS1 Warm Up
07.15.18 - Philadelphia, PA - The Sound Hole
07.19.18 - San Francisco, CA - 1015 Folsom
07.20.18 - Seattle, WA - Kremwerk
07.28.18 - Negenharrie, Germany - Off the Radar Festival
09.07.18 - Linz, Austria - Ars Electronica
10.04.18 - Seoul, South Korea - Cakeshop
10.07.18 - Tokyo, Japan - Circus
10.08.18 - Osaka, Japan - Circus
10.12.18 - Krakow, Poland - Unsound Festival
10.16.18 - Manchester, UK - Now Wave
10.18.18 - Brighton, UK - Patterns
10.20.18 - Bristol, UK - Simple Things Festival

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