“Mr Cake”

In anticipation of her new LP Aerotropolis, Ikonika is taking us all to gamers’ paradise. With its strippers, sports cars, and subtropics, “Mr Cake” screams Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, except with one major difference: GRRRL POWER. Instead of skulking around in a Hawaiian shirt like Tommy Vercetti, our leading lady is off flipping emojis and taking names. Watch as she slips on some shades, cruises down the mean streets of Generic City That Is Not Named Miami (For Legal Reasons), USA, pickpockets a rich dude at the strip club, and steals his jet, all the while racking up a killer high score. Of course, if you’d rather just take in all of the uncanny-valley-girl visuals, that’s all well and good too. But don’t blame me if you get creeped out by the overeager — and underanimated — club patrons at the 2:40 mark. Between this and “Black Skinhead”, I think it’s safe to call this the “Second Life Summer” as far as music videos are concerned.

Aerotropolis comes out July 29 on Hyperdub.

• Ikonika: https://soundcloud.com/ikonika
• Hyperdub: http://www.hyperdub.net

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