♫♪  The Innernettes - “Chat”

There are such haunting qualities connecting music constantly, and it’s really hard to keep up with. For example, the post just before The Innernettes’ video for “Chat” is ALSO from a Brazil. Further-more, the audible samples of people talking in “Chat” is sort of like practicing in being a “Spook,” or whatever faction of government spies on citizens AND other factions of government. Not that The Innernettes are cursing homes or spying with NSA. Just letting you know how easy it is for music and sounds to hack your frame of mind. Is this singing or a synth? Or singing through a synth? WHERE THE FUCK IS MY COMPUTER?

Illuminated Paths never fuck about. Find the new The Innernettes release HOME on Illuminated Paths today, and expect “Chat” to be the first of a few random videos from this Brazilian bonker!

• The Innernettes: http://theinnernettes.tumblr.com
• Illuminated Paths: http://illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com

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