♫♪  The Innernettes - “UP”

From the special conceptual EP, Master Workout, currently being sold as a split with Treasure Hunt on CS, The Innernettes is back in full faux-wave, basing their first bit of bump on 80s gym aesthetics in the newest single and video for “UP.” And I dunno about y’all, but this sort of zone has always been a very haunting one for me. Especially when brothers still be trippin’ on them ecco vibes years after the fact. But Brazil be the country of the year in 2015, so let’s get them thighs quaking. Lawd knows you ain’t doing shit about them hips 6 days after resolving weight loss. Oh, you forgot the double negative? Well, here’s the triple positive: it’s nice to love the gym while smiling in muscle training class. Catch your FREE spray tan on the way out, ‘cause it’s January and the weather will hate you until May. So if you in the southern hemisphere keep making warmth like “UP!”

• The Innernettes: https://theinnernettes.bandcamp.com
• Illuminated Paths: https://illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com

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