♫♪  Islaja - “Shit Hit The Fan”

Fuck it. It’s Friday. I’m losing steam this week. All good, though. Gripped that young Islaja video. It ain’t “Partition,” but I can dig the mellow-ish moods. Fell asleep around 2AM last night. Kicked the dog until she got outta the bed. To be honest, never did the “Shit Hit The Fan,” yet I’m really feeling the groove here on this Islaja jam right now in reflection. And minus the fangs and strawberries, this new video looks like the cover art for Thee Oh Sees’ album last year. Mayyyyyyyyybe. Holy FUCK, Mr. P added a ton of content to this post I’m just furiously deleting. Kmmy got a fresh-ass mix for us later today too!

Islaja’s “Shit Hit The Fan” is on her new album S U U, which is being released physically on Monika Enterprise. Scope the video up top and grip the new album now! DO IT. Ok?

• Islaja: http://islaja.com
• Monika Enterprise: http://www.monika-enterprise.de

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