Islaja plans new album SUU with Monika Enterprise, read all about it in Tiny Mix Tapes’ proprietary Hilarious News Post© format

Islaja plans new album SUU with Monika Enterprise, read all about it in Tiny Mix Tapes' proprietary Hilarious News Post© format

Have you ever thought about how weird mouths are? I mean, they’re just big holes on your face where you put food. And sometimes words come out of them? Personally, I hate my mouth. It gives me nothing but trouble, and I think it’s kind of a visual blight on my otherwise smooth face skin. Alright, well now that I’ve gotten the Introductory Non-Sequitur© out of the way, I can tell you all about the new album from Finnish avant-folk/electronic artist Islaja. It’s called SUU, which as it turns out is Finnish for “mouth,” making that Introductory Non-Sequitur© somewhat more of a Tangentially Relevant Introductory Personal Revelation©, I guess. Either way, though, I can already tell we’re becoming better friends.

To go ahead and dive right in to the Second Paragraph Inclusion of Actual Detail About the Topic at Hand©, SUU is Islaja’s first solo release since 2010’s Keraaminen pää, and it’s also her first for Gudrun Gut’s Berlin-based Monika Enterprise. Over the course of several releases for Finnish label Fonal, such as 2007’s Ulual YYY (TMT Review), Islaja has developed a pretty free-form back catalog of avant-singer-songwriter and psychedelic pop type music (how’s that for a Very Briefy and Only Kind of Helpful Genre Description©?). In addition to performing as a solo artist, however, Islaja also contributes to the Finnish experimental folk group Hertta Lussu Ässä, as well as the more free-improv-oriented groups Kemialliset Ystävät and Avarus.

As for Additional Clarification Regarding How the Release Under Discussion Fits Within the Artist’s Discography©, SUU will reportedly find Islaja venturing into a significantly more electronically influenced sound. You know, with synthesizers? And robot drums? Anyhow, the album is out on March 24, which, not to go too far down the rabbit hole of another Tangentially Relevant Personal Revelation©, is right around when I go in for some pretty major dental surgery (#nervous). Check out the video for “Skeleton Walk” from the album below.

SUU tracklisting:

01. Skeleton Walk
02. See No Sun
03. Chaos Pilot
04. Temporary Haven
05. Travel Light
06. Siren Call
07. Shit Hit the Fan
08. Music Is Mine
09. Dust from Heaven
10. Sandals of Alice
11. Lay by My Side

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