♫♪  James K - “SOKIT to me Baby”

Last we heard from James K, it was on 1080p by-way of collaboration in SETH. As a solo project, James K sounds like Chicklette- or Odwalla88-lite, but in an extremely good way, as all three projects explore fragmented beauty within the experimental pop realm. Now, James K’s debut album PET has been split three ways: on 1080p in cassette-tape format that includes exclusive tracks and interludes, via LP on James K’s label (and sweat t-shirt design spot) She Rocks!, and finally on Dial Records in LP format distributed by Kompakt for all y’all Euro folk.

Above is a playfully colorful video for “SOKIT to me Baby” and below is the PET album teaser, so get to listening and then gripping some analog!

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