♫♪  Joanna Newsom - “Sapokanikan”

Standard Paul Thomas Anderson long-ass takes? Check. Joanna Newsom providing awkward faces while awkwardly walking around the city singing? Check. Giant truck camera left affecting the scene? Check. Plenty of Exodus 8:2 references? Check. The ghost of Philip Seymour Hoffman crapping out? Check. Silhouettes? Check. Dirk Diggler as Brock Landers impersonating Al Pacino as whoever in the mirror; full frontal dick shot in the last 20 seconds? Check. Phoenix in the background yelling the most obscene things my Grams every heard? Check. Milkshakes? By the plenty.

Drag City is popping Joanna Newsom’s newest album Divers late October on CD, 2xLP and CS! Get stoked visa-vie her first video “Sapokanikan” above.

• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com

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