♫♪  Juana Molina - “Sin Guia No”

What an adventure! The video for Juana Molina’s “Sin Guia No” plays out like a mini-quest into manhood. Maintaining the battle between imagination and maturity. Visualizing the sensibility what is finished or complete or full. And it ain’t finished until we all eat. The vast creativity of mind is a playing field for everyone, and here in the video for “Sin Guia No,” director Dr. Sepian goes into the heart of ingenuity by pulling out all the veins and lobs and cogs of the human mind and putting it in story-mode, video form. Not to mention the groundbreaking idea here for the future of music videos: use the songs as more of a soundtrack to a director’s short film. As well, it’s always nice to be reminded of how Juana Molina can just belt out them tunes in a real calm-ish way while being surrounded by a fury of sounds.

This video for “Sin Guia No” is a follow-up to Juana Molina’s Wed 21 album last year on Crammed Discs. She JUST finished up her U.S. tour this Sunday in L.A., and is now preparing for her mammoth May to August European tour. ALSO, Crammed Discs just announced their “reissue” of Juana Molina’s four previous albums on straight digital, and can be found here. Enjoy your Wednesday, y’all!

• Juana Molina: http://www.juanamolina.com
• Crammed Discs: http://www.crammed.be

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