Juana Molina comes out of hiding to release new album Wed 21 this October

Juana Molina comes out of hiding to release new album Wed 21 this October

It’s been nearly five years since Juana Molina released the superb Un Día (TMT Review). In the interim, the Argentine songstress did her first full band tour of the US and, well, not much else in the English-speaking world.

Apparently, her hiding spot was at home. For the past few years, she’s been holed up in her Buenos Aires studio working on new stuff. The fruits of her labor will be available on October 28 when Crammed Discs releases Wed 21. She’s been busy creating a true one woman show, composing, performing, recording, and producing the record on her own. In order to satiate your craving for some of her new material, those fine folks were kind enough to drop a SoundCloud link with the song “Eras.” Move your eyes slightly downward and you can see that I was nice enough to include that in this article so you wouldn’t have to use your best Google-Fu to find it:

Like most of her work, “Eras” is pretty heavily layered. You have a bunch of different types of percussion and string instruments working to create an expansive but focused sound, sort of the thing she’s known for. Noticeably present is the use of electric guitar. While I’m not sure if this is exactly the first time she’s used electric guitar, it is something of a departure as Molina mainly works with acoustic ones. The new record will actually see her incorporating more more electric and electronic instrumentation into her songs than her previous work, expanding on what was already a ridiculously textured sound.

In addition to the record, she’ll be touring Europe in November before taking some time off and going on an extensive tour in 2014.

While you patiently wait for her to hit your city, take a look at the Wed 21 tracklist:

01. Eras
02. Wed 21
03. Ferocísimo
04. Lo Decidi Yo
05. Sin Guía, No
06. Ay, No se Ofendan
07. Bicho Auto
08. El Oso de la Guarda
09. Las Edades
10. La Rata
11. Final Feliz

• Juana Molina: http://www.juanamolina.com
• Crammed Discs: http://www.crammed.be

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