♫♪  Juiceboxxx - “Back Seat”

Milwaukee rapper Juiceboxxx has been at it for quite some time now, and in the past two years, we’ve seen some of his strongest work to date, including a full-length LP, a mixtape, and an EP. The new video for “Back Seat,” a track off of JB’s recent Front Seat of the Tacoma (via Thunderzone), is a rough and raw track that highlights the unique strain of American music that he’s been perfecting throughout the year. The video was made with Jonathan Coward (who some may know better as SHAMS), and it shows JB wandering around NYC (where he has currently been based between legs of his never-ending Thunderzone tour). JB said that the video “took three hours and I ate a $5 footlong,” so there you go!

Get deep in this vid and click here to both stream and get a free download of Front Seat of the Tacoma.

• Juiceboxxx: http://www.juiceboxxx.com
• SHAMS: https://www.facebook.com/SHVMS
• Thunderzone: http://enterthethunderzone.com

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