♫♪  Juiceboxxx - “Walking in Milwaukee”

Milwaukee, WI is not a city that you would necessary think of as “walkable.” In fact, growing up in and around the city, I was never encouraged to use walking as my primary mode of transportation. It’s either too cold out or your destination is too far away to even consider walking. Why am I talking about any of this? Do you even care? Well, another Milwaukee native, Juiceboxxx, has done a lot of walking around the city, and in the video for his new single, “Walking in Milwaukee,” he sings a lot about wandering around the city, waiting for rides from friends, getting wasted and going to shows. That’s that Milwaukee lifestyle, and even if Boxxx isn’t currently living in the Brew City (last I heard he was in New York), MKE flows through his veins. Take it in, baby!

Juiceboxxx’s new record, Heartland 99, is out June 9th via Thunderzone and Vinyl International.

• Juiceboxxx: http://juiceboxxx.com/blog

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