♫♪  Ka Baird - “Oneiric”

Ka could be short for (a) Kathleen or (b) an ancient Egyptian term for the soul’s vital spark. Ka Baird (Spires That in the Sunset Rise member) has an upcoming record on Drag City, Sapropelic Pycnic, that should make good on the promise of vital soul (psyche in the Greek sense) sparking. The video for “Oneiric,” from the forthcoming album, interfaces audio/visual abstraction to the level that all description is holistic. Directed by Brenna Murphy, this collaboration opens a space where vibrations evolve without interference, then become interference. Pulsing, rippling, scintillating, like sentient bismuth, a fabric of frequencies, an ummagumma regression - but still chill. Oneiric means related to dreams and this has got the zap.

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