Ka Baird announces sophomore album Respires on RVNG Intl, shares “Symanimagenic” video and EU/UK dates

Ka Baird announces sophomore album Respires on RVNG Intl, shares “Symanimagenic” video and EU/UK dates
Photo: Alex Phillipe Cohen

Everyone needs a niche, but few have created their own quite so broad and offbeat and incomparable than has Ka Baird. Baird is an unusually multifaceted talent, bridging such disparate passions as out-jazz and ambient folk using a gamut of artistic approaches: piano improvs, fuzzied drone, flute loops, sweet-tempered electronics, and more (and more and more), as well as her voice in all manner of ways (vocal spicing, abrupt spoken word, and breath-as-instrument).

The results are always trips of limitless freedom and musical possibilities. Baird’s next journey of timeless cosmic wonderment is called Respires, and it will be released on October 25 through RVNG Intl.

Known primarily with for her partnership with Taralie Peterson in Spires That in the Sunset Rise, Baird has done a lot of branching out too, including collaborations with Camilla Padgitt-Coles as Tropical Rock and with Andrew Fitzpatrick as AZHA, among others. As far as solo ventures go, Baird has recorded as Traveling Bell and Sapropelic Pycnic, then used the latter name as the title of her ambitious 2017 solo debut as Ka Baird.

Respires will be the second Ka Baird record and her first on RVNG. A video k-hole for “Symanimagenic”, created by SoHo-based production center Georgia, has been made available today, as have dates for an upcoming fall tour (see below).

Respires can be pre-ordered here.

…All done? Okay, now follow this portal of possibilities below to a bold new frontier of niche creation courtesy of Ka:

Respires tracklisting:

01. Symanimagenic
02. Teaching Lodge of the Arrows
03. Azha
04. Spiritus Operis
05. Walking
06. Storms Stay Fine
07. The Orion Arm

Fall EU/UK 2019 tour:

10.05.19 - Hamburg, Germany - Papiripar Festival
10.08.19 - Krakow, Poland Unsound Festival
10.09.19 - Bratislava, Slovakia - LOM
10.10.19 - Prague, Czech Republic - Punctum
10.12.19 - Newcastle, UK - Tusk Festival
10.13.19 - Bristol, UK - St Pauls Crypt
10.16.19 - Brussels, Belgium - Ancienne Belgique
10.17.19 - Rotterdam, Netherlands - WORM
10.19.19 - Helsinki, Finland - Maunula-Talo
10.20.19 - Oslo, Norway - Kafe Haerverk
10.23.19 - Zurich, Switzerland - Kunstraum Walcheturm
10.28.19 - Lisbon, Portugal - Musicbox
10.30.19 - London, UK - Café OTO

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