♫♪  Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - “キズナミ” (Kizunami)

Last thing-chan, candy pie. Shark cartilage and Shirako ponzu. Too cold to be sharp. Gyu-don 2 AM. OTONOKO 2018. Glitter Corset Tuxedo, Glistening Cherry Playboy. ʕ ʘ ‿ ʘ ʔ Ribbon hair. Missed sleep timer. Turtleneck debut. Hypotextual symbol play. Future pop. Shocking cinema. Discharge. Hypnotize. Rolling power. Harajuku moisture levels. A creative spark from Mr. I Love You Too. The cabaret of the coming stream, the whole story published. The explosive cough does not stop!!!!!!

“キズナミ” (Kizunami) is off Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s fourth studio album, Japamyu.

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