Kyary Pamyu Pamyu finally announces her new album Japamyu, entire planet just grins and blinks

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu finally announces her new album Japamyu, entire planet just grins and blinks

I know, I know…you all read Moshi Moshi Nippon every morning while sitting seiza TOO. But, look, just HUMOR ME, alright?

Because I just learned that Japanese “singer, model, and blogger” (thanks, Wikipedia) Kyary Pamyu Pamyu — hot on the heels of a world tour and the release of DISTRESSINGLY FUN new single “Kimino Mikata” — is now about to do the only other thing left to DO besides touring and corrupting the youth with infectious videos: release her “long-awaited fourth studio album.”

Japamyu (which I guess is sorta like “Japan” + “Pamyu,” which sounds about right at this point in Pamyu’s stratospheric career) is due out on September 26. And while I’m not really sure what the full tracklisting will be, apparently we can all can REST the fuck ASSURED that it “includes hit songs like ‘Sai & Co,’ ‘Harajuku Iyahoi,’ and ‘Kimino Mikata,’ as well as a cover of CAPSULE’s famous song ‘Koi no Hana’ (2001).”

In addition to the ever-durable CD version, the album’s initial limited-edition CD+DVD pressing will include a special photo book featuring the artwork (created in collaboration with Art Director Mitsuo Shindo and viewable below), as well as “a DVD of Kyary’s final 23-song performance of her 2017 KPP Japan Iyahoi Tour at NHK Hall.” You MIGHT be able to pre-order these things over here somewhere, but I don’t really know! I can’t really tell!! But I’m not worried, are you?!

But, so…what the heck took her so long to collect all these jams and more onto a new record, you ask? Don’t worry; Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has a typically unimpeachable explanation for that:

Sorry for making everyone wait so long, My first album in four years Japamyu is finally here! You can look forward to enjoying an oriental vibe. There’s lots of songs that are going to be fun live, so definitely listen to the album and come to the hall tour!

Aww! So ADORABLE! I just love her! WHAT “hall tour?” I don’t know! But who cares!! I just can’t disagree with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!! Can you!??!

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