Following up on an impressively successful string of singles, as well as that Jessie Ware remix that’s been exhaustively cited to death in the press, the young brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, a.k.a. Disclosure, finally dropped their first proper multi-track release earlier this year in the form of The Face, an unexpectedly divisive EP that has come to lay bare the horrible truth that, all too often, our friends from across the pond are simply quicker to catch on to the good things in life. Derivative, you say? Maybe, maybe not… probably. But who cares? The Lawrence brothers nearly defy analysis by simple fact of being able to get your ass on the dancefloor, and their new lovesick-themed single “Latch,” is no different, even as it tips the scales more towards a garage style than the post-breakbeat-lite house that prominently featured on their earlier material.

View the recently-released, market-friendly video for “Latch” below, and… oh screw it: Do you drop your judgmental guard when it comes to all things even remotely related to house? And do you like to dance? If your answer is yes to either question, then this one’s for you.

• Disclosure: http://disclosureofficial.com
• PMR: http://pmrrecords.com

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