♫♪  Lee Noble - “Copshow”

Stretch back to a time when (No Kings Records label owner) Lee Noble was in the Bathetic Records ear of No Becoming. Now immerse yourself in the gloriously shot video recently done-up for the creep-enhanced vibe of “Copshow.” Lingering, forgotten knowledge, drifting in organ-esque moans, highlighting what once was and never could be. Now, with Lee’s newest release on Patient Sounds entitled, Un Look (as it sounds completely different than No Becoming), “Copshow” visualizes that sort of looking-back to a time of a time when time wasn’t a matter of time. Directed by Francisco Saco, the “Copshow” video displays both high and lo quality depictions of visuals — similar to the sound Lee portrays with well defined sounds encased in tape-reel and tube-electronic dust — as the main character has a bit of a “stake-out” moment on the couch, watching the years go by. It’s fucked and beautiful. It’s Lee Nobel inspired!

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