♫♪  Linda Perhacs - “Prisms of Glass”

It’s only March 10, and so far, 2014 has been a pretty huge year for female folk musicians. Aside from having to list all of ‘em off like a cattle count, Ima just state: 2014 will be the year my brother gets back into music. Specifically, the fellah is into sweet harmonious music, which pretty much excludes most modern-male folk because them dudes all wanna slice a bit of masculinity in their sincerity, so fuck that shit (as my brother would say). Can we all please just calm down and have a listen to some Linda Perhacs?

Oh, wait. How about we just watch Linda Perhacs in her latest video “Prisms of Glass” featuring Julia Holter and Ramona Gonzalez. ‘Wait-wait-wait: hold-up, C Monster. You talkin’ ‘bout 1970’s Parallelograms single album, Linda Perhacs?” Yes. And lyrics and melodies and instrumentals are all beyond top-notch. So scope Asthmatic Kitty now for Linda Perhacs’ new album The Soul Of All Natural Things out now. In the mean-time, enjoy “Prisms of Glass.”

• Linda Perhacs: http://www.lindaperhacs.com
• Asthmatic Kitty Records: http://asthmatickitty.com

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