Mexican Summer reviving reissue imprint Anthology Recordings, and it’s about to get physical, physical

Mexican Summer reviving reissue imprint Anthology Recordings, and it's about to get physical, physical

Everybody loves reissues! They’re like friends with beer, or cat pictures on the internet. NO ONE CAN RESIST THEM. What wondrous, long-forgotten artist will you unearth while listening to a REISSUE? What life-changing auditory delight will haunt your soul after you listen to a REISSUE? That’s the magick of reissues! You just don’t know what’s been hiding up in some drunken stranger’s private press LP collection for the last 30 years, just waiting for you to pick it up at your local record buying emporium!

That sense of wonder and delight is what Mexican Summer hopes to bring YOU, dear friends, via its newly relaunched reissue imprint, Anthology Recordings. The imprint was originally launched in 2007 to make digital versions of out-of-print albums available, and after a three-year hiatus, Anthology is back with not only digital downloads but PHYSICAL vinyl and CD releases. First on deck is the April 29 re-release of Linda Perhacs’ Parallelograms and Threat to Creation, a project by Adrian Sherwood’s Creation Rebel/New Age Steppers that features guest appearances from Ari Up of The Slits and Keith Levene of Public Image Ltd. Also on deck are reissues from German (duh) synth dude Rüdiger Lorenz and The Stroke Band, which featured people from The Unknowns, Gumball, and Half Japanese.

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