♫♪  Lockbox - “Passion Beam”

There’s a weird disconnect between me and this “internet” music (I mean that in a non-specific way; digital astral plane). I LOVE the fact that Lockbox is a creative outlet for fellah Jesse Briata. On both a critical and fictional level, I enjoy how easy it is to write abstractly, nostalgically, or narratively to his music. Maybe it’s mainly because the dude plays all his music rather than sampling or using computer shit and shit. And the frequency of it really represents the uncontrollable communication frenzy on the internet. Yet, then again, this guy pushes out so much music all the time, I’m curious to the level of creativity he has developed personally (inner-creativity; detach the web) between releases/songs/”Passion Beam”/Passion Beam.

Like smoking a hash oil pen in a parking lot on your break, things REALLY don’t change that quickly or vastly. But I’ve come to expect that as a music listener. I want more, and I want it fresh. So, what I’m trying to describe here is the difference between creative input and critical critique. As well, the only internet “sensation” is, like, Mark ZuckerBANG or, like, the person/people who invented it. When I see someone’s tweet or Facebook status online, I care as much as I scroll over it. Just like this post here, potentially. I have no doubt most people will scroll over this here writing so they can scope new music. Word. Word. In the end, does ambition trump talent? Can people transcend ego past Morrissey on the internet? Scope Lockbox’s new tape Passion Beam on Warm Gospel, out meow!

• Lockbox: http://lockbox.bandcamp.com
• Warm Gospel: http://warmgospel.blogspot.com

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