Looks Realistic

Bugged on all of the same color/design/mind-hologram, Looks Realistic harnesses that true-to-name swag, providing exactly what’s needed in visual form for single “SUPERCLARENDON” off their newest Beer on the Rug release VA/A. There’s almost a game to be played here within the sound’s breadth and scope of illusion via video. As if the confusion between the two draws you closer and closer to your monitor. Is it the flicker of light? Could the Looks Realistic trans-gaze-lock be that pulsating drone beckoning you toward a higher sensation of aura?

“SUPERCLARENDON” really begins to reveal itself around the three-minute-thirty mark when that synth line comes in, worshing out all the nonsense, and gets straight to living. Looks Realistic’s music WAS the one pulling me in. That call-to-arms initial lull, harkening what lingers and sits inside us all, stirs a fury of energy in listeners’ stomachs and… well Looks Realistic basically makes the sorta music (now-our-daze) is what makes riots and protests happen. So expect the faces of Joe Bastardo & Ryan Mulhall to dawn the front cover of Time as “Person of the Year” this coming December, ‘cause if they’re not moving bowels, then they moving crowds of people against the established order of what is right within — not only this country but — the world, leading people to… SHIT! Ah… shit, conveniently I split Beer on the Rug. ‘_’

Pre-order VA/A by Looks Realistic IMMEDIATELY from Beer on the Rug and continue living life without regrets.

• Looks Realistic: http://looksrealistic.bandcamp.com
• Beer on the Rug: http://beerontherug.bandcamp.com

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