♫♪  Looks Realistic - “Where Does It Come From?” (VHS edit)

You know that VHS player collecting dust in the bottom cabinet of your entertainment system? Yeah, under the box of jewel cases, behind the N64 rumble packs. Pull that out. You’re gonna need it. And you know the tape deck in your station wagon? Eject that MP3 player converter thingy. You’re gonna need that too.

Accompanying the new psychedelic digital maze Where Does It Come From? by Massachusetts synthesists Looks Realistic is an acid trip of a VHS, featuring mind-melting visuals contorted by Joshua Rogers of Broken Machine Films. Looking anything but realistic, the video is dazzling but not distracting from the complex compositions of Looks Realistic. This video is an abridged edit of the film, which you will have to order from Constellation Tatsu (along with the cassette) in order to experience it fully.

• Looks Realistic: http://looksrealistic.bandcamp.com
• Constellation Tatsu: http://www.ctatsu.com

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