♫♪  Mariah Carey - “A No No”

Mariah Carey’s fifteenth studio album, Caution, came out late last month and it’s actually amazing. Who was I to ever doubt Mariah? I play her version of “O Holy Night” throughout the year as if that’s a totally regular thing to do, which it should be.

She’s made a funny little underproduced lyric video for one of the album’s basically perfect singles, “A No No”, which includes a sample from Lil’ Kim’s ’90s hit “Crush on You” featuring The Notorious B.I.G. and Lil’ Cease.

I recently lay on the floor and danced to this song like a little worm. Mariah’s first album came out the year I was born, so I realize I have been dancing to Mariah for practically my entire life. Thankful for that.

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