Modeselektor & Thom Yorke

Why does everyone cut the shit out of Thom Yorke’s voice? As an audience, are we all just sick of hearing him cry about shit? At least, that raven-cartoon-hoodied chick loves making fun of Yorke’s dancing movements in this “This” video. And Yorke always trying to get up on the hot new peeps @Burial @Flying Lotus @Modeselektor. Well, “new” compared to his prior works. Yo, but isn’t this video way 90s? Like, the visuals, the acting, storytelling, the fucking top at the end, out-of-place slow-motion dancing, etc. Hey, at least he’s not losing his retro edge while “progressing” the sound of music. Above all, Modeselektor lays it down #untrue. Just that beat is so nasty #untruetoo. Though, they mix up Yorke’s vocals real fresh, so they on my level of cropping his voice box. #thatsthatnewshit

• Modeselektor:
• Thom Yorke:

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