♫♪  My Bloody Valentine - “Rough Song”

YouTube user Steve At Gigs has posted a live video from My Bloody Valentine’s set at Electric Brixton in London from January 27, which you can watch above. What you’ll notice is that they’re playing a brand new song that has been affectionately dubbed “Rough Song” in all the clips sprouting up online like fungus in the last few hours.

The quality is not great since the performance was likely captured on a phone, but the music is clear enough to get a good idea of what to expect. Fear not: it’s good… quite good. If you’ve ever heard the Loveless outtake “Sugar,” which was compiled recently on the remastered EP’s 1988 - 1991 reissue from 2012, then you’ll have heard the closest antecedent to the new MBV sound — or at least the sound on display in this song. There’s what sounds like a pitched-up flute sample not unlike the one in “Sugar,” “To Here Knows When,” or “When You Sleep,” accompanied by both Shields’ trademark “glide guitar” and some sleepy Belinda Butcher vocals that are the least discernible thing in the video. The quality makes it difficult to ascertain whether or not the blown-out bass here is actually part of the song or just a byproduct of shitty recording equipment. Either way, the song holds up, and if we’re to believe Kevin Shields’ recent (as in floating around the internet tonight) claims that the new MBV album might drop in the next two or three days, then this should adequately wet your whistle until that happens. Fingers crossed.

• My Bloody Valentine: https://www.facebook.com/mybloodyvalentine

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