♫♪  NIKKEI - “B2 Seasonal affective disorder and the Romanian stock market”

Your brother now lives in New York City. Where does he live? A few block from Union Square. How much does he pay? $2K. What does he do? He works in finance.

In a paper titled “Seasonal affective disorder and the Romanian stock market” Aurora Murgea writes, “This article analyses the presence of the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) effect on the Romanian stock market, in a time span that includes calm, growth periods and volatile periods as the one of the 2008 global financial crisis. The results support the existence of a correlation between the number of hours of daylight and market returns before and after the last financial crisis, even if the effect seems to change after the crisis.”

Keywords being stock market, mood, crisis, investment behavior, sadness, daylight.

The dynamic growth rate of daylight.

Markets, as moods, rise and fall. In this video, made by Kenji Yamamoto, algorithmic equations, cursors, charts, and scroll bars pitch, scurry, lull data. At one point, a generic cursor melds with a yellow orb to float about the points of a candy-colored graph. A little sun, calculated. Calculating.

Find “B2 Seasonal affective disorder and the Romanian stock market” on NIKKEI’s RPO (Ritual Public Offering) alongside other wonderfully-named tracks like “B3 Final Waltz (From Wall Street to Main Street, investors are doing a happy dance).” The cassette sold out in one day, but you can still Name Your Price for the digital at the Wasabi Tapes Bandcamp. Really recommend you do.

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