♫♪  Panda Bear - DESPERSONALIZAÇÃO the stretch of life

The 2013-2014 NBA season started today, and what better way to celebrate than with new music by NBA expert Panda Bear! It’s been a couple of years since Noah Lennox’s fourth solo album, Tomboy, so it feels good to be hearing new material. According to Gorilla Vs. Bear, the music soundtracks a video by Joana Linda for a new clothing line by designer Fernanda Pereira (also Lennox’s wife), titled “DESPERSONALIZAÇÃO the stretch of life.” And if it’s any indication of what Panda Bear’s fifth solo album will sound like, then, then… damn.

• Panda Bear: https://facebook.com/PandaBearMusic
• Fernanda Pereira: http://www.fernandapereira.net
• Joana Linda: http://joanalinda.tumblr.com

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