♫♪  Paul McCartney - “Come On to Me”

As the transformation of myself into my mother nears completion, I find myself perhaps surprisingly — no, make that definitely surprisingly — not being completely turned off by new Paul McCartney music in the year of our Lord 2018. That’s approximately 2018 years after the birth of Christ, and approximately 60 years after Sir Paul launched his pre-Beatles Quarrymen into existence, each of which seems equally distant on the timeline of history.

So, let’s all listen to this new McCartney number, “Come On to Me,” for a second.

That’s pretty catchy! That’s catchier than it has any right to be.

Now, if only we could divorce the idea of a 76-year-old man socially flirting with a woman who wants “more than casual conversation…”

Yikes. Paul McCartney is 76 years old. Let’s hope he’s being an incredibly polite gentleman, because, for better or worse (for my mental health, my sense of propriety, my conscience), this tune is a lot of fun. I can’t remember the last time I thought about (post-, I don’t know, 1990?) McCartney in a positive light, so this is more of a personal crisis than I’m used to. Add to that the traits of my mother that I’m clearly exhibiting, and thus the scene is set for a “deep introspection” that I’m definitely not ready for.

This is going to be an exhausting day.

“Come On to Me” is on Egypt Station, out September 7 on, ugh, “Crapitol.”

And PS: I’m watching you, P-Mac — you better treat everybody right.

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