Paul McCartney will never log off, announces his 17th studio album Egypt Station

Paul McCartney will never log off, announces his 17th studio album Egypt Station

Paul McCartney hasn’t released a full-length album since 2013’s now ironically-titled NEW. He hasn’t needed to. Really, he doesn’t need to anything ever again. As one of the all-time great top four members of The Beatles, the man British law dictates you call “Sir” will never not be relevant.

Seems like Sir Paul just enjoys making music too much, though — permanence in the pantheon of relevance or not — because come this September, the man some people apparently refer to as “Macca” will be releasing Egypt Station, his 17th studio album.

The album was nearly entirely produced by Greg Kurstin (Grammy-award winning producer of many hits) and recorded in Los Angeles, London, Sussex, and not Egypt. So where does the name Egypt Station come from then? Per McCartney himself, “I liked the words ‘Egypt Station.’ It reminded me of the “album” albums we used to make.” Ha, what a story Paul!

Oh wait, there’s more: “Egypt Station starts off at the station on the first song and then each song is like a different station. So it gave us some idea to base all the songs around that. I think of it as a dream location that the music emanates from.” Whatever you say, Sir!

Egypt Station is out September 7 via Capitol Records. You can pre-order it here in such formats as “Limited Edition heavyweight Concertina vinyl package,” “Limited Edition Concertina CD package,” “Super Deluxe Limited Edition hand numbered box set package featuring bonus tracks coming soon ,” and “digital.”

Head down below to check out the album’s artwork and to listen to two tracks from it. As quoted above, McCartney conceived of every song being it’s own “station,” so feel free to interpret “I Don’t Know” as taking place at Shining Time Station, and “Come On To Me” as an ode to Station from the seminalBill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. I know I will. Just as our good friend Macca intended…

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