Pete Swanson
“Life Ends At 30”

Is this real? Are music listeners to the point of complete blow-out beat aesthetic? Has death-to-disco officially merged with disco itself? I mean, TMT is into the decay, the skips, the Gouda up in this shit. Because, you know, I READ me some TMT (‘_’). And Pete Swanson’s “Life Ends At 30” continues that same avenue of venture in music. Life, yeah, fucking living it. Blown to shreds from everything. Sure-sure. Turning your taxi into the official NYC dance club. Dec-out your cubicle with strobes. Be a strobe. Be up until dawn playing video games and listening to this on vinyl and talking on Xbox live and videoing on Skype and turning Hellraiser into a tiny blip on your television screen and feeding porn through your laptop and falling asleep eventually to dreams like the “Life Ends At 30” video (by Tone Filth’s Justin Meyers) and waking up 30 minutes later for your day-long job. Kill your SELF and become. Accept it all in waves of grain. Give up your Pro Style EP and quit thinking about when Swanson will hook up with Lopatin, ‘cause your answers are coming March 12!!

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