♫♪  Princess Nokia - “Kitana”

Okay, fuck Donald Trump to death 6.5 million times. The future is SO blessed to be graced with the younger ladies of this Earth — can’t vouch for anywhere else, but from Princess Nokia’s hood currently, and these girls are THE BEST. And this is exactly the reason “Kitana” has been my alarm since September. Having worked at a school in Harlem for a minute now, I’ve seen such matriarchal camaraderie that I’m delighted to see where the women of the world take humanity to the next level. It’s like: dudes have pretty much reached max capacity. Please stop.

I also like how true-to-life “Kitana” is visually; some lil sis showed me and the receptionist a video of two gals fighting at a basketball court up-up town, and the receptionist took me into the library and asked, “I need to know how to tell this child she smells.” Respectfully, she grabbed the kid a new shirt, some pads, and spray deodorant, closed the door, and I heard a muffled, “Don’t use too much of this.” For real, I’m dying to listen to Princess Nokia’s first full-length.

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