♫♪  Purity Ring - “begin again”

S’ohhhhh, who is also guilty of buying the last Purity Ring LP at Urban Outfitters because of potential Discogs.com shaming? Also, did you snag the novelty Purity Ring while [not, but REALLY] shopping around (for mebbe a pair of sweat pants (??) —no, no those are gardening pants… chino sweats (??)? TeeBeeAitch… I saw TBH spelled out on a sweater, thought it was TOTES tru-tru, so swagged it at the check out for $80s and I’ll wear it forever, PROBZ, but WAIT: is that the new Purity Ring track “begin again?” I could imagine hearing Cities Aviv, or ironically “The Narcissist” backed by people gushing about just hearing Hype Williams and loving the duo. Th’oh, I DID just heard about this new “begin again” jam, that also has a video starring the Purity Ring duo. I imagine the video is akin to behind the Urban Outfitters counter, including frames without art and halogen lights, potential wiggle mirrors so I’ll laugh a bit with their totally serious and lyrically detailed liner notes. Crossies?

4AD is fronting the new Purity Ring album, but the label is really all over, yo. Like, I can’t even. From Merchandise and Purity Ring to Ariel Pink and Scott Walker. Total loss is an even keel, wtf?!

• Purity Ring: http://thepurityring.tumblr.com
• 4AD: http://4ad.com

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