Purity Ring

Purity Ring’s new video for “Lofticries” is kind of a doozy, but here are the plot scraps your faithful critic can ascertain from a few confused viewings. The entire thing is sort of like one of those types of plays where, 15 minutes into a given scene, someone claps their hands and the action shifts suddenly and drastically. We’re presented with four situations — ranging from a strange bit of supernatural voyeurism in a garage, to a kid’s half-assed attempts to fish out a dead body from a pool of sludge — only to see them drift in and out of each other, like some ephemeral fever dream. It might be a meditation on inaction in times of crisis or, judging by the clip’s ending, something far more sinister. Even if it’s really, really confusing, “Lofticries” is super fun to watch: the fantasticality of the video is a perfect match for the song’s cloudy intangibility, and it’s fun to watch these parallel universes collapse and re-build before our eyes.

• Purity Ring: http://thepurityring.tumblr.com
• 4AD: http://4ad.com

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